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I apologize for some confusion but I may have misunderstood your original post.

On the connect menu the "History" sub-menu is your connection history and has no relationship to the "Quick connect sites to keep in history" setting found in the Preferences dialog.

The history menu shown in FlashFXP is based on your most recently used sites, this list is what we use to populate the Windows 7 superbar right-click menu.

The history menu has no direct configurable settings.

You can however change the number of sites displayed in the history by editing the FlashFXP.ini, however changing this setting will also effect the history shown in the Windows 7 superbar. thus if you disable it in FlashFXP it also disables it on the superbar.

Open FlashFXP.ini
Under the [main] section add the following line

Save the FlashFXP.ini and start FlashFXP

This in theory will instruct FlashFXP to completely disable the connection history. I am not entirely sure if this configuration setting has ever been tested with a value of 0.
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