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1. Its roughly a 50/50 split based on customer feedback regarding a tabbed interface where half of our customers prefer the current layout where the rest would like a tabbed style UI. We are considering different design layouts but there aren't any immediate plans to provide tabbed support.

2. This behavior is based on a setting within FlashFXP.
Options > Preferences > Interface > Break menu At (lines)
Where the value is the number of entries to display before breaking the menu into a new column.

3. We will consider this suggestion for future releases.

4. This can be done, however the Compare Folder Content feature can be used in several different ways, We'll need to determine which logic makes the most sense based on the user configuration.

Depending on your intent you can fine tune your skip list setting when to skip, i.e. manual transfers, automatic transfers, or both. If this were set to both any item in your skip list would always be skipped. Of course you'd never be able to transfer the items in your skiplist without re-adjusting this setting.

Thank you for your suggestions and feedback
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