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Default A couple suggestions

Hi. First time posting here, but I've used the app for quite awhile. Used to use it back in the 3.x days, took a break to use Filezilla for awhile because I couldn't get FTP over SSH to work correctly back then. And I switched back to 4.0 once you released that, it seems to be a great app. I do have a couple suggestions, though, especially after having come back over from Filezilla. Sorry if these have been suggested before.

1. Tabbed interface - I actually saw this suggested awhile ago, and I think your response was that it would require a complete rewrite. So I know this may be awhile, or never, or whatever. But just throwing my hat into the "that would be awesome" ring for this. For now I can always shift+click the superbar icon to get a second instance.

2. When clicking on the Sites menu (lightning bolt), the overall vertical count of the menu items change depending on whether the "Reconnect" item is there. I've got 30+ sites stored, and what this means is that the last couple sites in the first column of the menu fluctuate between the bottom of the first column and the top of the second column. It would be nice if the sites themselves would stay consistent regardless of whether Reconnect is there or not.

3. One other thing about the Sites menu, and something I miss from Filezilla. If I have bookmarks for a site, could the bookmarks show up as submenus of the main site entry? As it is, I have to connect to the main site, then click the Bookmarks menu and select my bookmark. It would be nice to just have the bookmarks as a submenu so I could connect and go straight to the bookmark all in one step.

4. I have Subversion files/folders on my skip list. But if I do Compare Folder Content, the .svn folder still gets selected even though it should be ignored. Can you make Compare Folder Content respect the skip list filters?

Thanks for making a great program.
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