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Default FlashFXP 4.1 BETA build 1609

FlashFXP 4.1 BETA build 1609
  1. Fixed > Local Browser > Right-click > Selecting Queue / Transfer would sometimes have no effect when a file was selected.
  2. Fixed > Local Browser > Item Selection > Out of bounds error. I added an additional check to make sure the index is still valid before trying to access the item.
  3. Improved > SFTP > Download transfer speed. Take 3. In this optimization I improved the efficiency of the routine when passing data to the SSH protocol handler
  4. Fixed > SFTP > When activating a menu within FlashFXP during a file transfer the transfer would stall and not recover. The transfer will now recover once the menu is closed.
  5. Fixed > SFTP > I found an issue when using SFTP with a proxy server and reworked the code, I was not aware of any proxy issues with SFTP, however there may have been some issues in previous builds.
FlashFXP 4.1 BETA build 1608
  1. Improved > SFTP > Transfer speed. Take two! This minor change should increase SFTP transfer speed even more. (Small tip: If you want performance over security selecting the ARCFOUR-128 cipher will provide faster transfers vs the default AES-256).
FlashFXP 4.1 BETA build 1607
  1. Fixed > Queue List > custom item drawing, this prevented items in the marked list or highlights from being drawn in their bold/color style.
FlashFXP 4.1 BETA build 1606
  1. Fixed > Remote > Sort by file extension, An incorrect field index was supplied to the sort routine causing the sort to fail.
  2. Fixed > Synchronized browsing > Synchronized browsing error dialog > When the folder doesn't exist on the opposite pane and the create button is selected the folder where the directory is created wasn't removed from the cache if the path was relative, however if it was absolute then it was removed.
  3. Fixed > Remote File List > scroll-bar drawing issue, This issue was not noticeable on Windows 7, but could be seen on WinXP SP3.
  4. Fixed > FTP > MODE Z > Download > Using the non-default TCP/IP buffer size could result in a failed transfer.
  5. Fixed > FTP > MODE Z > Download > if the zlib decompression failed the transfer wasn't properly stopped and it continued as if nothing was wrong.
  6. Improved > SFTP > Transfer speed.
  7. Improved > Transfer speed when uploading from a slow local device or network device.
Update available via LiveUpdate

Known issues:
  1. We are currently investigating an issue where aborting a FTP download with MODE Z enabled results in FlashFXP consuming all available memory before finally crashing with an out of memory error.

    We desperately need more information from beta testers who experience this issue, we're not entirely sure if this is occurring due to the abort or if users are trying to close FlashFXP during the transfer and that in turn instructs FlashFXP to send an abort.
  2. We are not aware of any other issues or problems, Please let us know if you find something and we'll be more than happy to look into it.

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