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Originally Posted by rco133 View Post

When I enter a folder on a remote server, the slider at the bottom of the folder pane doesn't work.

I can see Name, Size and Date, but the rest I can't see. And I can't use the slider at the bottom to see the rest of the columns.

Using Win XP with SP3 in case that has any influence on the issue.

I also have Auto sizing enabled. If I disable Auto sizing the slider at the bottom seems to start working.

If I switch away from FlashFXP and back, the slider also seems to start working.

Would it be possible to provide a screenshot so I can see exactly whats going on.

Does the FTP server provide info for the other columns? The columns Owner, Group, and Attrib will auto hide when auto sizing is on if the columns do not contain any information.

I am not seeing this problem on XP SP3 on a VM which leads me to believe it might be a drawing issue, if you position a window over part of the list view and then move it away does the part that was hidden redraw and appear correct?
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