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Default FlashFXP 4.1 BETA build 1605

FlashFXP 4.1 BETA build 1605
  1. Fixed > Transfer > Folder > On list failure the folder would be removed from the queue, instead of being marked as failed.
  2. Change > Toolbars > Buttons > When the desktop is 32bit color the buttons now use a true 32bit alpha channel. Previously the buttons were alpha-blended into the background, this method will still be used for backwards compatibility when 32bit alpha-masks cannot.
  3. Change > Queue List > Item selection is now retained while the control has focus, Selecting another control will clear any item selection.
  4. Improved > HTTP > Error messages, When the error message isn't available directly from FlashFXP we query the OS for the error description.
  5. Improved > FTP/SFTP > The connection failed error message sometimes reported "Connection timeout" in situations where that was clearly not the case, we now display the socket error and the OS error description.
  6. Improved > Input Controls > Added ctrl + Backspace support.
  7. Fixed > Status Window > FlashFXP version info, the text was displayed before the control colors were defined, resulting in the text shown in the wrong color.
  8. Fixed > Preferences > Toolbars > Stretch Background > This feature wasn't taking immediate effect and requiring a restart before the change was applied.
  9. Fixed > Local browser shell icons > In the previous build a change was made that resulted in black backgrounds on some icons when the color depth was less than 32bit.
  10. Fixed > Remote > File List > An access violation after a delete operation.
  11. Improved > Splitters controls > Replaced the existing mouse cursors with the windows standard NS and WE.
  12. Improved > Toolbar > The following buttons will now enable/disable based on the focused control, item selection, and application state (Abort, Refresh, Queue selected, Transfer selected, View File, Edit File).
  13. Changed > Local browser > Information bar > The second row was always intended to display the "name of site/server" so now instead of displaying the current path, the text "Local Browser" is shown.
  14. Fixed > Server > Navigation > drop-down combo-box > Changing the file listing font would clear the drop-down list. The previous fix didn't fix it completely.
  15. Improved the speed of refreshing the current directory from the server, the new code added a couple builds ago had room for improvement.
  16. Added the ability to import sites from FileZilla.
  17. Improved the performance speed and reduced the overhead of a background thread used for calculating the folder size during uploads.
  18. Improved internal FindVCLWindow() function, this function is used during mouse events and added unnecessary overhead by traversing children windows outside the scope of the UI thread.
Please download via Live Update

Known issues:
  1. We are currently investigating an issue where aborting a FTP download with MODE Z enabled results in FlashFXP consuming all available memory before finally crashing with an out of memory error.

    We desperately need more information from beta testers who experience this issue, we're not entirely sure if this is occurring due to the abort or if users are trying to close FlashFXP during the transfer and that in turn instructs FlashFXP to send an abort.
  2. We are not aware of any other issues or problems, Please let us know if you find something and we'll be more than happy to look into it.

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