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The current beta release is a bust due to several mistakes on my part, It was rushed out to fix an issue where overwrite would append the data to the existing file instead of replace it.

My intent was to back port a quick fix to the last svn commit and recompile and exclude all of my new untested code, however everything went horribly wrong and some of the new work in progress code was included in build 1499.

There is no way to do a quick fix and everything is quite a mess right now, I have a huge mess to sort out.

I have pulled 1499 from the website until I can get this all worked out.

The bug you experience is due to some of the files from the backport being mixed with the latest dev copy, when I compiled 1499 it used the wrong source files in some cases and this is the case with the local file browser.

I have a buddy who uses multiple VMs instead of dealing with svn for back ports, perhaps he's on to something with that.. though not really practical for beta builds..
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