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Default Custom Toolbar Buttons

Using custom commands like site wipe, site nuke, etc requires navigating one or more likely several menus. It would be really cool if it was possible to place a custom icon (associated with a name) in the icon/button bar with connect, refresh, quit, etc. That icon would be tied to a regular command style script (so you can operate on name, owner, etc). This would make a 1 click operation for really common tasks! It looks like there is already a popup menu to let you choose which buttons to show so new entries could show up there as well. I know the order is fixed for existing items, so a sort order or something for custom ones might be needed.

Just an idea

I'd also like to mention the custom column option again. The ability to display are re-order named MLST/D fields would be insanely cool. In fact, I miss the ability to overload the already standard "links" field in regular listings. Could that be parsed and added as a normally not-shown field without too much effort? I'd like to number things 1-99 (think latest dirs, top downloads, etc) but right now I have to prefix the number to the name which works, but is a total pain since the name isn't really the name anymore so operations have to silently strip off the prefix and it turns into a pain to get right... Or I overload the group field with the number and sort by that and it works better, but it would make more sense to use the links field.

Of course adding a new field name and publishing it in MLSD listings would be the best option but only makes sense if clients can show the new fields. I know drftpd already supplies a slaves field to show where files are located but you can only see it in raw listings and MLST checks.
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