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Do you run FlashFXP or another ANSI color supporting FTP client? If so, then the coolest thing you can do is turn on color/theme support. Use 'site color' to see if you can see colors, etc, and view the list of themes. For Flash v4+ use themes 5-8 as the normal colors are too dim. Theme support turns almost all fixed KB/MB/etc output into 3 digit auto-sized output so you get 123KB, 1.23MB, 40.2GB, etc and each has it's own color to make TB stand out from KB, etc. It's really nice!

If you don't have a client that supports themes, you can edit the message file directly so that it affects everyone, or create a new theme that doesn't use colors, but does specify how the output should be shown for numbers. So far as I know nobody has actually created a theme but me, so no clue how tricky someone would find it to be. I'd probably skip this option unless you want to do other things with the output.

However editing the cookie in the file directly is simple. Open up text/ftp/AllUp.Body and replace the *mega with *giga for answers in giga all the time, or *automb to auto select the size with the minimum size being MB. For a full list of size specifiers check out doc/Cookies.txt and find the *SIZE* field description near the end. You'll probably want to change AllDown, etc as well.

I'll warn you that all the theme support cookies in the text/ftp/* files makes it look like a complete mess and hard to edit (we really could use a GUI editor!) but the above format change is pretty simple and the stat body files don't have any really tricky stuff.
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