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Originally Posted by Yil View Post
Not sure when this changed but I've got a black background for the console and this text can be cut/pasted from the console or the console popup window:
FlashFXP 4.1.0 (build 1594) [BETA]
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However I ONLY see the text (indented) in the console unless I click around and try to highlight a region to see the rest, and the popup console window doesn't even show the text if highlighted but somehow it can cut/paste it correctly...
I'm not aware of any changes that could of caused this, you can fix the status window colors via the Preferences dialog > Interface > Colors > Status Window.

Originally Posted by Yil View Post
Hmm. I have list set to 'STAT -L', and then 'list hidden (-al)' but it's giving me stat -alT. I'm guessing it probably shouldn't do that... Oh, what's weird is I was feeding lots of tricky list/stat lines and I was ending up with the command appending the 'T' on the end of my line and not after the - args. I.e. 'list *foo*' was turning into 'STAT *foo*T' which is just wrong...
FlashFXP will auto detect if the server supports the T parameter and include it where necessary.

Are you sending STAT directly via a raw command or using it as the list command with parameters?


The T parameter should only be added when performing the list command, a raw command "STAT" should not include it, I did notice that there is a bug the logic for including the T, it should not be included if the STAT parameters contain a space.

Originally Posted by Yil View Post
If you 'list -al <path-invalid-chars>' that gets sent as 'stat -al <path-invalid-chars>' which is fine, but when the server rejects the bad path with a 501 error flash goes ahead and tries to send a port/list for the path again. I'm not sure that's a bad idea, but if that's intended it should be trying pasv/list and not port/list first.

Is there a way to get around list->stat conversion in the very rare cases where I want to do it all manually? I can't think anybody else would, but when testing ioFTPD I sometimes intentionally break things to see what happens
When you use LIST via raw commands it is interpreted as a list request and is converted to use whatever you have defined as your list command in the site manager.

To simply life for users and us it was done this way, though it probably should be done as "&list" and allow LIST to be sent directly, we opted to just pass LIST to our list handler routine which uses the settings defined by the site. I recall prior to this many customers couldn't figure out why the raw command LIST didn't work, its not so obvious that there's a lot more going on in the background than just sending a single command.

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