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Default FlashFXP 4.1 BETA build 1593

FlashFXP 4.1 Build 1593 (beta)
  1. Fixed > Selective transfer rules dialog > Folder List > Add Entry > This was broken which prevented the user from adding an entry.
  2. Fixed > Socks 4/5 Proxy > Incomplete directory listings and corrupted downloads due to a bad pointer during a memory move operation operation.
  3. Fixed > Local file browser > tree navigation > Some of the item memory was being deferred until the program closed, this memory is now freed immediately.
  4. Fixed > Local file browser > file list > marked select > only the visible items were being applied to the marked list.
  5. Fixed > The feature "Enter directory after create" wasn't working correctly on some ftp servers due to the way the path was returned in the make dir reply status message.
  6. Fixed > Local file browser > drag/drop to parent folder, this broke due to all the shell browser changes.
  7. Changed > Local file browser > right-click drag > this now allows copy, move, shortcut. Previously only move was available.
  8. Changed > Local file browser > drag/drop > improved drag/drop to reflect the correct state during the drag/drop operation.
  9. Changed > Local file browser > tree navigation > Huge performance increase when the tree navigation is active.
  10. Changed > Local file browser > many internal changes and improvements (faster and uses less memory).
  11. Improved compatibility with older versions of Windows. These were UI related glitches.
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