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You can right click on the session status window and select copy to clipboard to copy everything, or you can double click on the session status window to open the text within the internal text editor.

I see the two html files and how they're 0 bytes on the SIZE request, that is strange considering the FTP server indicated that the files were uploaded. However I am not entirely sure why this is occurring, is there another ftp server that you could test, There might be a compatibility issue with Windows FTP server, however I run IIS on Windows 2008 server and do not have this issue.

I am quite concerned about these lines in the status window as they don't make any sense.

[R] 501 'SIZE ': Invalid number of parameters
[R] 501 'RETR ': Invalid number of parameters

This should never occur and there are safe guards in place to prevent it.

Does your computer by chance have a fingerprint reader? I know there were some issues with some older models but all of the ones I tested did not exhibit any problems.

I will send you a private message with additional information.
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