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Originally Posted by bigstar View Post

Are you using a proxy server or speed limiting?

What size TCP/IP buffer are you using?

What type of transfers are these, upload, download, or site to site?

Is this a TLS handshake when connecting to the server, performing a directory listing, or transferring a file?

And since there have been many issues with MODE Z, I have to ask is MODE Z active when this occurs?
no proxy or speed limit used.

tcp buffer : 8 send , 32 receive. never changed this, so default values.

those are site 2 site transfers.

well it seems this appears after a while so im not sure if it's regarding a tls handshake or sth, i just saw that during a new connect i saw that it hang while connecting and then cpu usage was 50% for each process (see screenshots).

no mode Z used , never used this.

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