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Yes azerzeki , you're right, updated from 1580 to 1582 1hour ago and while i come back i see funny things , let's start with the 1582 feedback :

im not able to access the 2 other instances anymore , they show since 1582 in the following "style".

let me start first, i started ffxp and hit twice f12 to get 2 more instances... then after transfering some files it looks like this :

and you see 3 process and 2 are battle'ing with 50% ;-) but luckily im able to kick the process with 0% cpu usage :

then if you check again the instances :

but im not able to access them anymore so have to kick them straight forward via task manager.

please fix, it seems there get bugs fixed and 2 more opened.

by the way, the SIZE command is still there, but it's not checked globally, so i still get "file not found".. will post more inside this thread laters.

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