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Default FlashFXP 4.1 BETA build 1582

FlashFXP 4.1 Build 1582 (beta)
  1. Improved the way the toolbar buttons are rendered, In some cases the alpha blended buttons provided poor results. This should be a huge improvement. Please let me know if you notice any issues. Tested on Windows 2000, XP with and without themes, Windows 7 with and without themes.
  2. Fixed the status-bar wasn't being properly reset after a file upload on remote edit.
  3. Fixed local browser update bug after a delete operation.
  4. Fixed incomplete download issue that effected glftpd 1.x when using passive mode. Its possible that other servers experienced this issue as well.
  5. The previous build introduced a bug that effected scheduled tasks performing downloads causing nothing to transfer.
  6. Implemented a resource string look up cache to reduce the overhead of using resource strings.
Download it via LiveUpdate
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