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Originally Posted by rco133 View Post

Besides the issue with the listing sometimes being empty as I reported in build 1579, I have also just found out that When I use CTRL-V to view a file, or if I try to download small files (below 1 kB), the viever that open is just empty, or the file on the disk is 0 byte.

I have no clue when this started, but now I have gone back to 4.0 build 1548 and it all works again.

I have no clue at exactly which build it all went haywire, but the way 1579 and 1580 is working for me, is kinda a no go.


Edit: I just went to build 1574, and the files I had issues with in 1579+1580 all works fine in 1574.

I can view and download the same files without problems.
This leads me to believe that is an issue with MODE Z, However I am not able to reproduce any issues with MODE Z on any of my test servers.

With build 1580 I don't suppose you tested disabling MODE Z to see if the problem went away?

Build 1574 and below has some serious issues with MODE Z that will corrupt the internal memory of the program. Its possible that perhaps there's a condition that I missed thats resulting in the problems you experience.

What FTP server software is being used for the server?
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