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Originally Posted by bigstar View Post
What build are you upgrading from?

Did these files fail and is this a re-attempt to transfer them?

In your File Transfer Rules (either global or per-site) do you have the option "Request file size/date prior to transfer" checked? When this option is checked it will send a SIZE, MLST, or MDTM command prior to each transfer to retrieve the size and date.

I noticed that this is a site to site transfer. I did not throughly test this type of transfer with my changes and its possible something is broken but only if the above option is unchecked.
1574 -> 1579

since 1574 this issue "appears" , the files are transferred normal as they should, i think this is quite a bug , and no the "request file size" option isnt check. i use the global_settings no specific setting used.

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