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Originally Posted by bassiliin View Post
Little UI request. Now is buttn toolbar too high comparing with buttons. Too much wasted space below buttons. I'm using classic theme, but same is with other themes as well. Or at least buttons should be in middle (little bit lower) so space above and below would be even. It'ld be nicer then.
What version of Windows are you using?

Do you mean you're using the classic theme in FlashFXP or in Windows? If not Windows what theme are you using?

When you change the toolbar buttons via the Preferences sometimes the toolbars don't resize to the exact defined height (especially when switching between buttons of different sizes), only after restarting FlashFXP are the buttons correct.

I can't quite tell from your screenshot because it doesn't reveal enough about the toolbars, but thats not right at all.

Do you have the 'modern style' checked for the toolbars?

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