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Is 3.x using mode z? After further examination of your logs I noticed that you were uploading. I haven't touched the mode z code for uploads, thus far only the mode z download code has been changed.

What speed are you comparing?

The transfer speed when using mode z is not accurate in previous versions.

We've changed the way the speed is calculated with the following line so it will not be anywhere near what you see in previous releases. "Transferred 10 Files (164 KB) in 0.13 seconds (164.4 KB/s)"

The old method combined the speed of each transfer to calculate the time elapsed which is used to calculate the speed, the problem was that this method failed to take into account transfers less than 1 second which skewed the results, the logic measures the time it took from start to finish of the entire queue.

Please set your TCP/IP buffer size to default and see if this makes any difference, this change must be made while not connected to any sites, if you are connected the change doesn't take effect until the next login.
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