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No luck with 1594, but I think I might have a little more information that hopefully might help.

Right now FlashFXP doesn't work with any video for me using WMP in the local browser so I've associated everything with VLC but I don't think that matters as it still shows the same problem if I associate it with WMP.

Anyway, I right-click on the file -> Explorer Menu -> Play with WMP. It'll open up WMP and then if I wait I get that Server Execution Error.

ETA: It doesn't put the file in the Unsaved List for some reason.

If I drag a that file out of FlashFXP's local browser into WMP's Unsaved List to Create a Playlist it plays just fine. (Library View)

If I use the Windows Explorer to launch that same file, it doesn't take me to that WMP Unsaved List it just launches the video. (Now Playing View I think).

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