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Default Videos Launched inside FlashFXP is Broken

Actually this has been broken for a long time but I didn't realize it was broken within FlashFXP until today.

I usually have FlashFXP up as a directory browser and launcher. I would click and launch AVI or MPG or WMV files from my directory and the previous default app was WMP. It was working up until the some FlashFXP 4.0 beta and then I started getting errors that said "Server execution failed".

I thought WMP was broken but never bothered figuring out what and reset all of my AVI, MPG and WMV files to launch VLC which works just fine.

Today, I was using the normal Windows Explorer and browser and decided to try WMP again so I told it to launch an AVI using WMP and it worked just fine. If I go through FlashFXP and tell it to use the explorer menu and to use WMP to launch the exact same file, it'll generate the "Server execution failed" message so it appears to be something in the way FlashFXP is interacting with WMP?

I'm running Windows 7 and WMP 12.07601.17514 and FlashFXP 4.1.0 (build 1572).
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