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This can be done to some extent but there is no guaranty that the files were transferred 100% without any errors.

For reliable connections or local networks the likelihood of errors is quite rare but can still occur.

Below is an outline of how to transfer all the *.xml files from a folder and skip all sub folders.

First we need to define a selective transfer rule set.
  1. From the main menu > Tools > Selective Transfer > Edit
  2. Rule Set, click the Add button and we'll name this rule xml files only no sub folders and click OK
  3. File List, click the Add button and we'll add *.xml and click OK
  4. File List, Action set to Transfer
  5. Folder List, Action set to Skip
  6. Now click the Save button to save the changes.
Next we'll create the transfer queue.

In this example we'll pretend that the remote folder is /private/xml/ and the local folder is c:\backup\private\xml\Queue the folder named xml from the remote server into the c:\backup\private\ folder.
  1. The name in the queue will appear as /private/xml/ and the target as c:\backup\private\xml if done correctly.
  2. Now right click on the entry in the queue window and select edit, change the selective transfer rule to xml files only no sub folders and then click the ok button.
  3. Save the queue file by right-clicking on the queue and selecting Save As, now you can load this queue whenever to perform the above task, or setup a repeating schedule via the main menu > Tools > Schedule..
At least in theory that's how it would work, however while writing this guide I found a bug in 4.0 that prevents this logic from working correctly The bug causes the xml folder to be skipped, when only sub-folders within it should be skipped.

As for moving *.xml files from one location to another this is currently not possible. You can en-queue move and rename operations but they must be performed using the exact filename.

We're looking at different ways of chaining commands as well as adding more flexibility to allow these type of operations for future releases.

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