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Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

There appears to be a bug in the command selection and I noticed it on your ioFTPD test server.

There are 3 possible commands for setting the file date/time.


They are used in this order based on several observations.

MFMT is only used if its found in the FEAT reply.

MDTM is used if its found in the FEAT reply and if the previous MDTM was successful OR if MDTM YYYYMMDDHHMMSS is found in the FEAT reply (this appears to be broken).

SITE UTIME is attempted in cases where MDTM fail but only if MFMT or MDTM YYYYMMDDHHMMSS isn't in the FEAT reply and only if the previous SITE UTIME was successful.

Servers that support setting the date/time via MDTM typically have MDTM YYYYMMDDHHMMSS in the FEAT reply but not all of them do which is why we try MDTM and then disable it on failure; on the other hand if MDTM YYYYMMDDHHMMSS was in the FEAT reply MDTM shouldn't be disabled and SITE UTIME shouldn't be tried. (this last part is broken in the latest 4.1 beta)
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