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Default Strange crash 4.1 b1566

I use my flashfxp in a sciprt that launch it using this commandline-flags

-download site -localpath="N:\path\to\dir\" -remotepath="/path/to/dir/" -c2 -datafolder="C:\ProgramData\FlashFXP\4" -tray
But in some of the sessions it crash with the following webpage showing up in IE,

Possible Solution Found

This bug has been verified and may be fixed using the solution detailed below.

Simulated Crash Test 

This error occurs when you hold down the shift key and open the about box.  

If this solution does not fix your bug, please let us know.
The strange thing is that I always launch the program in the exact same way. Which should couse it to crash each time, but it dont.

Any ideas?
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