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Originally Posted by bigstar View Post
1. Is the global setting for passive mode off? It could be a bug in 3.6, its hard to day.
Please see the following FAQ entry for the complete XML format.

2. To use AUTH SSL you need to use ftps:// instead of ftp://
When Pasting FTP info into site manager how to get "Connection Type" correct


FTP using Implicit SSL

How do i get?
FTP using Explicit SSL (Auth SSL)
because ftps errors see below

Otherwise I get this error
[10:09:44] [R] Connecting to ABC -> IP= PORT=5420
[10:09:44] [R] Connected to ABC
[10:09:44] [R] Connected. Negotiating TLSv1 session
[10:09:44] Ident Request: - UserID: InandOut
[10:09:44] [R] error:1408F10B:SSL routines:SSL3_GET_RECORD:wrong version number
[10:09:44] [R] Failed TLSv1 negotiation, disconnected
[10:09:44] [R] Connection failed (Connection closed by client)
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