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Default Command to Update Site info

Goal is to do off site backup
IT will be issuing a (weekly or monthly) site username password list that changes at pre-determined date & time

So I have two conditions to contend with.
1) Dynamic Ip.. this is not a problem to get but more for FlashFxp Site Info to be updated
2) Username Password list.
3) The Ftp Server will disconnect all users and change Username & password.

I want to log into the site that is in site manager, que up list of folders & files to download and save que (.fqf)

Is there a way to (or features added):
1) On "Connection lost" FlashFxp would Save Que and Quit.
2) Using the Command line to update Site info with IpAddr, User Name and password
3) Last which i think Flashfxp does by using in the command line -savequeue=filename so when Flashfxp quits it save the que.


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