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FlashFXP 4.1 BETA build 1566 at current works fine but, since the very first start since update I was not able to Close Connection which at first stage stop to get connected to the tested Server.

This lack of connection was involved for Testing New Server (new Domain) with setups with FlashFXP Clients (more Guys beside me was involved with FlashFXP in Runs).

Anyway the problems start since the Re-Connection start and I believe cause the memory mess or lack of working refresh..

The command to Close or Cancel was ignored and force to close the FlashFXP and then Reboot System.

After Reboot only (as required) the problem with Close/Cancel etc gone and all now working just fine (seems the Registry was involve as well with the fix).

I runs at current under my new ASUS SLI E16 v2.0 in SATA with double Graphics Card nVidia GeForce 9800 GTx2 with 1 MB DDR3 RAM each card with latest SLI Updates.

The lack of well workin refresh (internal FlashFXP) I guess cause the teporary event problem inside the FlashFXP and hope I'm wrong.

On ocassion I want to mention about some rumors my Members from my Private Forum bring-up in regard the FlashFXP previous Release they already own and use on daily basis.

Big Blast of positive claims about stability and options are in FlashFXP and ask (they know I'm an Tester) if any Posibility are to makes the FlashFXP able and Support more than One Simultaneous Connecttions?

There I count more than 46 Votes from user to ask you for such new extras build-In any future releases.

I brough to you products more that 50 Guys which already brought and now own your products.

So, in the final any chance inregard the Simultaneous issue?

Please Email > < as well I want to repost on Forum - Thanks in advance!
Best regards..

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