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Default FlashFXP 4.1 BETA build 1566

  1. The value of the 'Use Generic Shell Icons' option located in Preferences > Interface > File Browser was reversed.
  2. Fixed an issue with the local browser update on file change notification, it was ignoring the first notification event.
  3. Fixed critical issue with MODE Z uploads where the upload was either extremely slow or would fail with a decompression error.
  4. Added support for connecting to domain names that resolve to multiple IP addresses, The first IP is tried, on connection failure the next is tried and so on.
  5. Added some new custom command macros $lowercase(), $uppercase(), $uplowcase(), more information can be found in the help file.
  6. Fixed upload resume failure after a transfer error resulting in overwrite when the option "Request file size/date prior to transfer" on the File Transfer Rules dialog was unchecked.
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Download FlashFXP 4.1 BETA Build 1566

Please post feedback for this beta release in this thread. Do not create a new thread.
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