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paja1: I tried looking at some large .mkv files (10gig or so) locally and I don't have any problems. If the directory doesn't have a .ioFTPD file I can't see any reason the file wouldn't be visible.

Do you use FlashFXP? If so check out Directory->View Raw Directory and see what it says. ioFTPD outputs data in alphabetical order with Folders before Files so if you can see the entry above and below where it should then it's missing from the listing and not a client issue. Perhaps similar options exist in other FTP clients. I just want to rule out a client having problems with >4gig files since that's the limit of a 32bit file size.

Also, pay attention to the size of the directory (the ".") entry or the size in the parent's listing for the dir. Can you tell from the size if the file must be present? I..e a dir with small files is somehow 10gig because of the missing .mkv?

If you manually create a .txt file and then refresh the dir listing do you see the new file? What about after a 'site refresh'? If you see the new file then it isn't a stale cache problem.

If you are using a path that involved hard links try to find one that doesn't just to see if that changes anything.

As far as your speed issue goes... Does this happen if you are only transferring one file? What's the CPU load on the machine? # of processors? Try increasing the number of io_threads from the number of cores on your machine to double that or at least 4-5 if only a single core. That might make a difference.
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