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Originally Posted by paja1 View Post
Yes, rebooted several times, install all updates and hot fixes, still the same.
Only turning off monitoring of applications activity helped. Even switching it into check only incoming data helped as well.
Why it affected only OpenSSL version, dunno.


Unfortunately my speed issues are still there. Is there anybody else having similar issue?
That version 6.x is much faster than 7.x?

I thought it was because of MS Security Essentials, but i was wrong.

I had to roll back back to 6.6. But 7.7.3 is more stable and have no issue with refreshing of folders behind NTFS Symlinks. So i would like to go back to 7.7. but i have to choose between features and stability vs. ultimate speed.

I have to clue what to do at this point. Additionally i still have the issue with "invisible" files. Any help? Anyone? Please!
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