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paja1: Hmm, I can confirm that manual deletion of a NTFS directory junction as a file delete isn't being handled correctly under SYMLINK mode. FlashFXP issues a FILE delete command which is correct since it treats symbolic links as a file, but ioFTPD is only testing to see if it's an ioFTPD symbolic link and not a NTFS junction when deciding to turn the file deletion into a directory deletion at the filesystem level. Thus it tries to delete a file but it's really a directory and it fails. However, in this situation I get a permission denied and not a file not found error......

However, I think you are experiencing a different problem. Can you see if the default 'VFS_Exported_Paths_Only = True' is set? If this is true then you cannot have the target of any directory link be outside of normally exported directories. Examples .vfs:
c:\site /
d:\Games /Games

A link like c:\site\Latest\Game1 -> d:\Games\Game1 would be OK because the target dir is also visible in the .vfs file, but c:\site\Bad -> c:\windows would not because the windows dir isn't exported.

This is a safety feature. However, you can try turning it off to see if it makes a difference in the problem you are seeing. Also, can you double check the target of the link?
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