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pion: From what I can tell nxMyDB failed to connect or read the userfiles from the database so the reason you aren't seeing any login failures is because none of the people trying to login have accounts as far as ioFTPD is concerned.

Is it possible that the new version can't connect because of a firewall that's treating the new .exe differently?

There honestly weren't that many changes between 7.5.7 and 7.7.2, and the only one that springs to mind that might be important is the OnServerStart event change. Can you first make sure this is in the .ini file and didn't get lost in the upgrade? The change is actually a feature I thought useful to nxMyDB (it's even mentioned in the ChangeLog) but perhaps I missed some interaction.

Update: I just check the nxMyDB source and the SyncGetTime error being reported is just trying to ask the database what time it is and it's failing... Whatever the problem is it isn't related to userfiles, but connectivity and/or permissions.
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