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I have a problem with nxmydb and version 772. I keep getting 'Invalid password' using the same nxmydb setup as in 757.

I can't see anything in particular in the logs, except for a SyncTimer error. There is no trace of 'invalid login' in the log anywhere

This is all the log I'm getting:


06-28-2011 22:32:31 ------------------------------------------------------------
06-28-2011 22:32:31 SetUuid - Server lock UUID is "abc".
06-28-2011 22:32:32 ConnectionOpen - Connected to via TCP/IP [nxMyDB_Server0], running MySQL Server v5.1.32-community-log.
06-28-2011 22:32:32 DbInit - nxMyDB v2.1.1 loaded, using MySQL Client Library v5.0.51a.
06-28-2011 22:33:03 SyncGetTime - Unable to fetch results:
06-28-2011 22:33:03 DbMapError - Unmapped MySQL result error 0.
06-28-2011 22:33:03 SyncTimer - Unable to retrieve server timestamp (error 1).


06-28-2011 22:35:37 SSL: "Found certificate" "name=xxx" "Service=FTP_Service" "(Certificate_name)"
06-28-2011 22:35:37 START: "PID=2128" "CmdLine="
06-28-2011 22:35:37 PRELOAD: "begin" "..\etc\default.vfs"
06-28-2011 22:35:37 PRELOAD: "points=25" "..\etc\default.vfs"

Ideas on what might be wrong here?

Is there any plans to put the io code up on github or something? Would be handy for future in place upgrades, as well as source tracking
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