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Originally Posted by opcode View Post
From the 7.7.0 release notes:
    [Threads]     : Io_Threads              = 4
                     Remove Encryption_Threads option.
                     Section commands changed.
What does "Section commands changed" mean, e.g. what am i supposed to change in my ioftpd.ini when upgrading from 7.6.3 ?
All this

v7.7.0 Release Notes:

1) Files in \System:
   Changed : ioFTPD.[exe,pdb] - Version
   Changed : tcl85t.[dll,pdb] - Version
   Changed : libeay32.dll, ssleay32.dll - Version
     Added : libeay32.pdb, ssleay32.pdb - Version
   Changed : Help-SiteCmds.ini
   Changed : ioFTPD.ini - summary of changes by section...
     [FTP_Service] : OpenSSL_Options options and comments changed.
     [VFS]         : Default_Directory_Attributes    = 777 0:0
     [FTP_SITE_Permissions] : Rename "sectionnum" to "sectionums"
                              stat              =     *
     [Ftp]         : Single_Closed_Exempt_Name added
                     Who_Sort_Output added
                     Who_Hidden_Users comment changed
                     Banned_User_Flag added
     [Threads]     : Io_Threads              = 4
                     Remove Encryption_Threads option.
                     Section commands changed.

2) Directories in \lib:
     Replace entire reg1.2 directory.
     Replace entire dde1.3 directory.
     Replace entire tcl8 directory.
     The tcl8.5 directory is a bit trickier.  Probably the easiest thing to
       do is copy and overwrite all the files from the new directory into your
       existing dir.  For the record, here's some info on the subdirs:
         TCL: http1.0, msgs, opt0.4, tzdata (encoding not shipped w/ioFTPD)
         ioNinja-v0.8.9.6-2009-06-29: encoding, http, http2.5, twapi, zlib1.1
           *** nxHelper shipped with ioNinja is v2.3 but you need the v2.4
               one from nxTools else you get package require errors!
           *** opt0.4 is part of TCL, use the one shipped with ioFTPD
           *** reg1.1 is old, ioFTPD includes lib/reg1.2 which is better
     lib/nxHelper and lib/sqlite3 are part of nxTools

3) Files in \text\ftp:
   Changed : GroupList.[Header, Body]
   Changed : MyInfo.[Sections, Totals]
   Changed : UserInfo.[Sections, Totals]
   Changed : UserList.Footer

4) Files in \Doc:
   Changed : Cookies.txt
   Changed : Events.txt
   Changed : iTCL.txt
   Changed : Site-cmds.txt

5) Files in \Source
   Changed :
Replace all the files it tells you to replace, then look at new ioftpd.ini and look at your old one and make the changes it suggests

For example, look under


in ioftpd.ini and change (if required)

Io_Threads = 4

then lok for the

Encryption_Threads - line and remove it

As for the section commands changed, im guessing that

Changed : ioFTPD.ini - summary of changes by section...

Is all you have to worry about as it lists what has been changed there.

After you have done all that follow the ChangeLog.txt for 7.7.2, and you should be good to go
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