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Oh, I should mention that the OnlineData_Extra_Fields is a potential issue with old .exe based scripts which is why it's an option but it appears to work ok with sitewho and ioGUI in shared memory mode. However I don't think zipscripts normally use the client data field, but if they do you might need to disable the feature.

On the other hand, keep_links_in_paths is sort of ignored and the full real path used because old .exe zipscripts don't understand symlinks in paths very well since they never had to deal with them. The big issue here is the full real path wasn't always correct if the keep_links_in_paths feature was disabled because of bugs. Was fixed in various ways in v7.6.3 and v7.5.7. My guess is disabling the feature in the older versions exposed the problems I fixed and that was causing your issues, but I don't see any reason why disabling it now would be causing problems.
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