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Using auto buffer size can result in better or worse performance, This method is intended for networks where conditions are always changing for better or worse and your transfer speeds range from very slow to extremely fast.

If you're using a version of Windows prior to Vista this feature can hurt performance, in which case we recommend using default.

If you're trying to get optimal speeds unfortunately you wont be able to by adjusting the TCP/IP buffers in FlashFXP, We recently discovered an issue with this setting and anything but default will cause unexpected performance results.

The Receive TCP/IP buffer size is how much data can be held in memory waiting for the application to receive it, if the memory buffer is full it will not accept anymore data from the server until space is available.

The send TCP/IP Buffer size is how much data can be pending to send to the server, once the buffer is full it wont accept anymore data from the client, when space is available to send more data the application is notified and more data is put into the buffer.

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