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Default List timeout

I see a note for v4.0.0.1511 - Fixed application lock up when listing a directory. Is that a 30 second timeout that closes the control connection?

I was doing some stress testing on ioFTPD and using large recursive directory listings and for some reason I kept loosing the connection and I was looking all over my code until I got the idea that something changed in Flash.

My first argument would be why close the control connection? I could see it making sense for stat commands, but list? Hmm, I could see an argument for the control if some people really need that with some FTP servers, but only if processing a queue but not interactive usage where the user can just manually disconnect/reconnect if needed. Second, it probably shouldn't close anything unless the user has hit the X cancel button or the "no data transferred" timeout has been hit because that can be set larger...

There are lots of cases for listings taking more than 30 seconds. Heck, ioFTPD can hit the 2 minute hard command timeout on some sites if it has just started and has no dirs cached. In my test case this was a large 10MB recursive directory listing (which FlashFXP v4 handles much faster btw) so it was actively sending data when aborted so I don't think that should be considered dead at least.

Oh, and while I'm at it, how about an option to set the command timeout? 2 minutes is just too slow for some things. Lots of scripts, etc can take 5-10 minutes to run and while most have been modified to output status every minute or so it would be nice to be able to set the timeout to something larger. How about applying the larger of the "no data transferred" timeout and 2 minutes if it's difficult to add a new field to the GUI?
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