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Nopah, haven't made any recent changes, except that i used to work on Win98SE, and now i'm working on XP ..
.. and yes, my router uses NAT ..

Right now i'm perfoming a test, and 1.4 has shown the same problem .. so i guess it's not related to the version ..

Could it be Windows XP ?!

My connection type is PPPoA (600 kbps / 300 kbps) ..

I'll do better, i'll attach some pictures of my Router configurations, and you see if anything that could be related to the problem strikes up.. mmK?

One thing .. i sometimes get this in iRC downloads also !

(ERROR) Failed to Receive Star.Wars.Episode.II.Attack.Of.The.Clones.DVDRip.X viD-DVL.cd1.avi from DV34.
[9:30pm] DCC Get of Star.Wars.Episode.II.Attack.Of.The.Clones.DVDRip.X viD-DVL.cd1.avi from DV34 timed out
[9:31pm] -DV34- *** Closing Connection: Connection Lost

PS.: Thnx for taking the time to help me out !
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