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Default Auto- deletion


I'm using FlashFXP 3.2.0 on WinXP SP3.

I'd like to suggest a function that auto deletes a file or folder at a user- specified date and time.

I film my classes in university and make them available to my classmates through FTP on the university's server. However I am only allowed by the faculty to let the material stay there for a certain amount of time, after which I must delete them. I do delete them manually, but I'd like a backup function to auto- delete them in case I forget or I get problems with access due to hard- or software. The thing is that if I don't delete them in time I could get into considerable trouble.

Anyway, what would be perfect is if the user can simply right-click on the folder which contains the site, and select 'Auto delete' and then gets promted with a window in which the user sets the date and time. And when that time comes the folder is auto- deleted.

I have no idea on how FlashFXP is programmed or anything like that, so I don't know if this idea is feasible or not, I just thought I'd post it here to help out. Maybe there are more users who could use a function like this.

Thanks for reading and helping!
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