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Default Changelog

v7.6.0 Release Notes:

1) Files in \System:
   Changed : ioFTPD.[exe,pdb] - Version

*** New Features:

2) The FTP command 'PASS' now provides partial support for the "-" prefix
   on a user's password.  glFTPD allows a dash before the user's password to
   mean that multi-line command responses should be disabled.  This was
   primarily used by scripts and autotraders where no user would ever view
   the response so why bother generating and sending the extra lines.  ioFTPD
   will now accept the dash prefix on a password to eliminate error log spam
   of the form:
     User '<user>' (<ident>@ <host/ip>) tried to login with invalid password.
   created by people using the "preee" tool.  Evidently newly created sites
   default to a server type of glftpd which would use the dash prefix for
   additional logins when the "Use second Login for faster FXP" feature was
   enabled and thus the password check would fail.  For the record, changing
   the server type to "AUTO" in preee will also fix the problem, but that
   would require informing users with bad configurations one by one...

   NOTE: the next release of ioFTPD will honor the spirit of the prefix
         and disable themes, .message file showing, etc.

*** Bug Fixes:

3) Fixed a bug where you couldn't receive lengthy directory listings
   (usually from 'LIST -alR') over SSL data channels.

4) Fixed two tricky bugs when updating directory VFS permissions, owner,
   and/or [chattr] data which is what zipscripts like ioNinja do when files
   are being uploaded.  If a user is trying to access the directory's
   root entry (most likely when listing the directory) at the same time as
   an update is being performed memory could end up being corrupted in some
   cases.  The more simultaneous updates the larger the risks and potential
   for wider corruption.
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