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ok done some more updates to the imdb plugin , and fixed most stuff optimization might be needed by someone thats way more skillful at this then me ...

note you might want to update your IMDB line in dZsbot.vars located in your eggdrop/sitebot/ folder with
set variables(IMDB) "%pf %imdbtitle %imdburl %imdbyear %imdbtv %imdblifetime %imdbstars %imdbrating %imdbvotes %imdbdirector %imdbcast %imdbmpaa %imdbcountry %imdblanguage %imdbgenre %imdbtagline %imdbplot %imdbopengross %imdbopencountry %imdbopenday %imdbopenyear %imdbopenscreens %imdbscreens %imdbbudget %imdbtop250 %imdblimited %imdbcompany %imdbruntime %imdbcolor"

the following vars now work

these i have not fixed yet

i have not looked at the cover stuff either as i dont download cover in ftpd ...... so might work might not

so here is the link for my current rev of ioninja plugin imdb.itcl

enjoy and hope it helps some of you until 0_dog has time to do a properly optimized plugin

i overlooked a minor bug so updated link

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