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Originally Posted by o_dog View Post
I'm sorry for being inactive. Been busy IRL, but this summer i will have time to fix bugs and add features. So please have at it, if you want something added say so after this post, i will go through them all in june. I'm not promising that it will get added but given that i have time and it's a good suggestion for the majority of users it will hopefully be added.

But first things first, please report bugs.
Here some ideas i dont have really bugs

addon: missing dirlink : No nfo/sfv dir, if sfv first option is selected (ioNiNJA.cfg) u dont have a missing sfv dir/incomplete dir if u upload nfo only. (it's for the nuke incomplete rls)
addon: autonuke imdb (genre/rating/votes etc)
addon: autonuke tv (genre/rating/votes etc)
addon: metacritic search/results/scores/announce (movies/games/series)
addon: weblink announce for 0day etc
addon: more user stats/info on bot/site with !cmd and site cmd (ex: !user user1 -- STATS: User user1 uploaded 222MB and downloaded 222mb / ratio:? / Group: etc)
addon: mvid genre announce incl genre tag in rls; like mp3/flac (read genre from nfo, mayb?)
addon: auto lowspace announce (incl options like !df)
update: GameFaqs on games announce incl search etc
update: Daystats on irc announce (not working properly)
update: imdb more options; runtime + metacritic score etc
update: ioTVARCHiVE

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