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Originally Posted by Yil View Post
Here's some ideas...

I'm wondering about a 'site rescan quick' which just cleans up a directory. I've seen .missing files hang around for some reason even when the real file is there, or a directory that doesn't have a complete tag in it but all the files are there. Not sure how that happens but it's pretty rare so don't have much info to give you on that. The only way to currently fix it is to rescan the dir but that takes a while on a large release. Assuming the individual file information is recorded in chattr's perhaps it could just use that without having to re-compute the crc values.

I'm not sure there is any reason to delete the complete tag just to re-create it if everything was actually complete. It should probably do the scan, then touch the timestamp on the complete tag if nothing changed, else delete and re-create with whatever is accurate. This has the benefit that you can rescan a directory tree and not touch the directory timestamps! It sucks if I rescan just to test completeness and now everything ends up dated today...
Yeah I have seen this also, really wierd.

Another thing that would be handy is to be able to define allowed files in releases and subdirs.
For instance a tv release doesn't allow .jpg in the maindir but it allowed in the Sample dir of the release.
There is no way atm to this (or I haven't found it)
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