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Originally Posted by Yil View Post
mr.babek: Could you try leaving a login using a new test account (so it won't be logged in a 2nd time) just idling somewhere? If you could make that a M flagged account that would be best. After things lock up see if you do 'site crashnow' to generate a debug dump you can can send me.

Any chance you are using a PRE/POST command on the PASS command? I know ioDELUSER uses one to show banned messages, etc... I doubt anybody using the new OnBannedLogin event yet.

Since the server accepts the new connections and allows the USER command, but dies on PASS it's possible the userfile or a lock in the client array is being held and that is preventing normal operation. That should be relatively easy to spot in the dump file if you can generate one. If site crashnow doesn't work, you can try creating one using 'Create dump file' by right clicking on ioFTPD.exe in the process tab of task manager. However on win2k8 x64 I've had people send me dumps created via taskmanager that are useless because of the 64bit compatibility layer and I'm not sure how to fix that so try crashnow first.

The ioFTPD TCL routines track open userfiles, mountfiles, etc and cleanup after each script. It's entirely possible I missed something now that some of the newer features are being used by ioNinja. No matter what TCL does (except for some waitobject usage) it should clean up after itself correctly but it looks like in the case of an error it might not be. A minidump should probably highlight which lock things are stuck on and we can work from there is that is the problem.
Hi Yil, thanks for the extensive answer. I will try this next weekend. I doubt I will be able to use any command when io expierences the error.
Current setup:

MS Windows Storage Server 2012R2, ioFTPD 7.7.3, ioNinja, nxTools
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