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Deleting a folder now works but the the eggdrop partyline still gives the following error:

[12:35] dZSbot debug: Received event: DELDIR (log: 0).
[12:35] dZSbot error: Unhandled error, please report to developers:
unable to find window "ioFTPD::MessageWindow": The operation completed successfully.
while executing
"ioftpd user get $msgWindow $user"
(procedure "get_tagline" line 2)
invoked from within
"get_tagline [lindex $line 1]"
(procedure "readlog" line 66)
invoked from within

io is running as service and both io and eggdrop is running under the same user account (eggdrop is launched via scheduled botchk). The window name is exactly the same in both io.ini and dzsbot.conf (untouched as in ioFTPD::MessageWindow). Running on Win7 x64.

EDIT: During the testing period I had restarted the io service, but had kept the eggdrop running. I now tried to kill the eggdrop and let io's scheduler restart it and then the message didn't appear when deleting a folder.

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