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That's partly the reason why I previously asked if there's another place to post bug reports. This forumeasily get's cluttered when you want to post a complete report.

Both io and eggdrop was running on the same account (the eggdrop was started by io through scheduled botchk as I said), and the window names were the same (checked it a second time just before I hit submit on the post). Haven't seen those errors in the partyline during my brief test with the latest version tho.

Your latest patch got rid of the newdir events that I was talking about and you also fixed my earlier note regarding the missing lines in io.ini (regarding rescan, invite, etc.)

If I leave lock_ignore_flags (in ioNinja.cfg) empty, as in "", trying to delete a folder marked as complete gives the following errors:

[R] 500 'DELE': Command failed. (pre-cmd-event script)

07-27-2011 10:28:25 "..\scripts\ioNiNJA\ioNiNJA.itcl" terminated abnormally
--- ErrorInfo ---
invalid bareword "lock_ignore_flags"
in expression "...ags) $flags] || ioNJ(lock_ignore_flags) == "" ";
should be "$lock_ignore_flags" or "{lock_ignore_flags}" or "lock_ignore_flags(...)" or ...
(parsing expression "![regexp $ioNJ(lock_ig...")
invoked from within
"if {![regexp $ioNJ(lock_ignore_flags) $flags] || ioNJ(lock_ignore_flags) == "" } {
set ioerror 2
set message "550 $ioNJ(zipscript_header)\n550...

EDIT: It didn't matter even if I added a couple of flags e.g. "1|M", still gives the same error.

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