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I just found 3.6 and I am using it now. I have Windows XP Professional and all updates through SP3. I will check Windows update for more and maybe throw Net Framework on for the heck of it. I am a registered user and have been since 2004, so I am using authorized software and this is not the problem. One thing that might be the problem is I have a dual install on the same disk. My XP install is located on 'D'. I may have to get rid of Windows 7 (which at this point and time I see no reason to keep. It has literally lead to more nightmares than anything else) and just make the Windows XP install 'C'. This may cure some issues. I have a problem installing ATI drivers for my video card as well, so since these are pretty much the only installs I have attempted besides the motherboard drivers, Spybot, Ccleaner and Avast, I would say there is something to that. 3.6 is working flawlessly right now. I will stick with it until I have time to do an install on the 'C'

Sorry. To answer the first question you asked and clarify my answer for the second, It begins the install process, but within a few seconds the error pops up and the install is aborted. 32 Bit version of Windows XP Professional

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