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Same problem here

I want to connect to our FTP-Server at university. I tried PASSIVE and NON-PASSIV connections. But no connection is possible (Error: Connection timed out) I spoke to our sys-admin and he told me that he cant (or dont want to) enable the PASSIVE-Mode. He said something about security reasons (I dont know the exact reason that he told me).

So I can't connect to our server (Error message: Connection timed out)

This problem also appears at some other FTPs. The only FTP (out of about 10) where i could solve the problem was a G6-FTP-Server at a friend of mine: Problem was solved by enabling PASSIVE Mode.

But: Using e.g. Smart-FTP: There are no errors when connecting in PASSIVE AND NON-passiv mode. I tried no other FTP programs as this seems to be a FlashFXP-based problem.

Any Hints?

OS: Win2k SP2
RAM: 512 MB
CPU: Intel P3 1000 Mhz
FlashFXP: 2.0 RC2 Build 869
Network-Connection: ADSL
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