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Originally Posted by bigstar View Post
Lets focus on when it occurs during a download and see if we can find a pattern.

1. What is the server connection type, FTP, FTPS, or SFTP ?

2. What is your average transfer speed during a download?

3. Do you have speed limiting enabled?

And finally did you experience this issue in any previous builds, if so do you remember a
specific recent build that wasn't effected by this issue?
1. It is FTP (Auth TLS) connections. Secure file listing is enabled, but not Secure file transfers.

2. The average speed is 8-10 Mbit (800 - 1000 kB/s)

3. I have download speed limit enabled at 1070 kB/s.

I have noticed it for a while, but I can't really point at a special build where it started, Sorry.

I am not really sure what can cause it. I do the same thing quite often, and it is like 50/50 wether it hapens or not.

If I am the only one experiencing this, don't loose any sleep over it :-)

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