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Default Have to click several times in menus.


Since I can't find any other threads regarding this, I am wondering is I am the only one with this issue.

When I use the mouse to select a menu, and then click one of the options like "Sites/Site Manager", I very often have to click 2-3 times before something actually happens.

The same often happens when I choose "Session/On Transfer Complete" and try to select "Quit FlashFXP". I often have to click 2-3 times on that one as well.

The option turns blue like it is supposed to, but often nothing happens when I click the mouse button.

I of course thought that it might be my mouse behaving badly, but I just don't see the issue in any other application.

It is not a big deal, but it is quite annoying since it happens quite often.

The weird thing is that I can't really reproduce it 100%, or find any special condition that triggers it. I just opened a new instance of FlashFXP, and opened the Site Manager 10 times without a single issue. The previous FlashFXP I had open, I did the same thing, and every single time, I had to click the mouse at least 2 times to open the Site Manager.

I am aware that not being able to reproduce it 100%, might make the troubleshooting harder. But it would sue be nice to have it fixed :-)

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